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With a true to life self defense book like Waking The Tiger Within, you too can Learn Effective Self Defense, gain valuable Tips, Tricks and Advice whether you are a man or women in minutes!

Caroline from Detroit Michigan writes, "Dear Parthenon Press, Scott’s concepts are fantastic. Now, without even joining a class, all women can learn to protect themselves from situations that can unexpectedly occur anytime and anywhere. His book is so clear and easy to understand. It is a must for every woman!"

Waking the Tiger Within: How to Be Safe from Crime on the Street, at Home, on Trips, at Work, and at School with New Fighting Terrorism Chapter
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I travel for business a lot and bought Waking The Tiger Within, thinking it would be good to have that kind of knowledge – especially these days. My whole family ended up reading it, and I even sent it to my daughter who is away attending college.

We are all so glad she read it. Just last month a would-be attacker was "Easily deterred as my daughter put it. She sent the guy running – probably to the hospital!

Anyway, thanks from all of us,

The Halloways

Sonoma, CA



"If a fight lasts more than three seconds, you are playing a game ... and a deadly game
at that."

Scott Flint

"Don't fight fair ... fight to win!" Do you know what two traits will almost always save you in a threatening situation? Attitude and Mental Toughness. Waking the Tiger Within shows you how to "get your mind right" so you will be in control -- and not a victim. 5th degree Black Belt Master Instructor, Scott Flint has taught over 3,000 men, women and children how to be safe in all enviroments. This is NOT some dull karate, judo or kung fu instruction book. A MUST read!

Linda Wallis, CEO--Personal Security

Ms. Jena Nawy, 12/19/2000
"The way in which the book is organized is really great, flows easily and is hard to put down."

Edward A. Ipser, Jr., PhD
President and CEO

"Just finished your book. Two thumbs way up!"

This is a report my 18 year old daughter wrote about your book.
                                                                   In the Arts
                                                             Tim Walker sr
Monday, February 17, 2003 9:09 PM
Subject: report

     This book is about keeping yourself safe.  At first I thought that there was a such thing as being "too safe" but after reading this book I realized that there isn't. 
     Most importantly I learned that a woman has a bigger chance of being attacked than a man does.  A woman is looked at as the weaker sex and therefore an easier target to mug, rape, or what have you. 
     This book helps to increase your awareness and helps you understand how a mugger thinks.  Mr. Scott Flint tells us that we all have a tiger within.  We just need to "wake the tiger within."  In order to wake him we need to think of something that arouses our anger or passion. 
     He also writes about the color code of awareness.  This has been a big help to me.  The four colors are something I keep in mind consistently.  The color yellow, which means that you are aware, alert, and confident, is the color that you are supposed to remain in.  If you are in the white mode, attackers will think you are an  easy target and will probably attack you.  When you are in yellow mode, you discourage the attacker and he'll most likely leave you alone. 
     A lot of this book talks about being safe and the ways to make yourself safe wherever you are.  Whether you are in your car, house, or walking down the street there are ways to make yourself safe. 
     Another interesting point this book talks about is the "stop buttons", if your attacker can't see you he can't attack you.  There are different ways to strike your attacker's eyes. This book explains a lot of them. 
     Of all the different ways I have heard of to defend yourself this is the best one yet.  I would recommend "Waking the Tiger Within"   to anyone.  I think in a different way now.  I am more alert and more conscious about what is happening around me.  This is a must read for every one. 
Janet Bates
11/03/2001, Michael Gravette, President

"What I like about Waking the Tiger Within is that it teaches the attitude and mental toughness necessary for defense."

5 out of 5 stars Waking the Tiger Within by Scott Flint: A MUST Read!, March 31, 2002

Reviewer: P.L. Schoentube, N.R.A. Certified Instructor for the Refuse To Be A Victim Program, Sherrif Deputy Morgan County,  Great Cacapon, WV USA E-mail

What a GREAT book! For those like myself and my wife, who have long ago eclipsed Jack Benny's 39 years, and who are also handicapped, staying safe in a violent world is not easy. Martial arts? Try them with Degenerative Joint Disease. We knew there had to be a better, easier way for those of us long past our prime "fighting years".

As a volunteer personal safety instructor, I read, watch videos and attend as many seminars and programs as possible, always looking for ways to keep ourselves, and others, safe.
"Waking the Tiger Within" by Scott Flint has to be one of the best sources of staying safe to come along in some time.

The book covers not only the number one ingredient of safety, ie awareness, but guides the reader into developing "Your natural built-in instinct to survive". His chapter, "Stop Button" is exactly what we have searched for: ending "an attack in one second." (No gun, pepper spray or Black Belt needed.) Worth the price of the book by itself.

Got kids or grandchildren? Worried about bullies? His chapters on these subjects are excellent.

Road Rage? Car-Jacking? (What would YOU do, if locked in the trunk of your car by an assailant?)

Many of the areas Scott writes about are covered in the seminars I present, but this book opens up a host of new, and surprisingly simple, techniques that almost anyone, at any age, in any state of health, can grasp and use.

Chapter One begins with these words: "No one ever has the right to hurt you." When you have finished reading and following the simple advice presented in these pages, you will be a long way toward the realization of that goal.

Buy this book for yourself and give copies to those you love.

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