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"Scott Flint is an accomplished martial artist and self-defense trainer. In this book he will teach you ways to increase your awareness, methods to develop your instinctual fighting ability and techniques to keep you safe wherever you go.

This is not a book for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. Scott goes right for the jugular, and pulls no punches with the techniques shown. His style is very much in your face and up close and personal.  As he puts it you must become your assailant's worst nightmare if you are to survive.

As a full time self defense trainer and part time law enforcement officer, I am constantly amazed by recommendations made by well-intentioned people that you should give in to the attacker and just do whatever he says. My experience and research has shown that the individuals who are mentally aware, properly trained and are willing to fight back are the survivors. This book clearly shows how to do all three.

The good news is that statistics show that the people that are the most prepared to defend themselves are the most likely not to get attacked. Although most attackers are dumb, they are not stupid. Just as the tiger looks for the weakest animal in the herd, the predator looks for signs of weakness when choosing a victim. Just the mere act of preparing yourself may be enough to keep you safe.

Waking the Tiger Within is easy to follow and understand and should be considered a must-read for anyone interested in defending themselves and their loved ones from violent attacks."

A must read for everyone!, February 27, 2003

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